Success is going to be Trainable,
Measurable & Verifiable

In professional sports, speed is the key to success. In the modern sports world of the  21st century, coaches, doctors and psychologists are looking for methods and techniques to bring their top performers to the optimum. With this  knowledge we have developed the SpeedCourt®.

Because of its unique combination of cutting-edge technology and software, this innovative concept guarantees accurate testing and mental and physical speed training for athletes.

The complex field of “RealSpeed“ can be tested, trained and improved to a previously unknown level. This applies to cognitive performance (eg perception, decision making and spatial awareness), as well as for motor speed aspects (eg coordination and reaction).

The measurable results with the SpeedCourt® prove to be particularly efficient at all levels of sport.

So it is hardly surprising that since the market launch in 2010, leading football clubs of European Leagues are among the most enthusiastic fans of SpeedCourt®.

The SpeedCourt® has been proven to help good athletes get even better, injured athletes recover from injury faster and demonstrates the individual strengths and weaknesses of the athlete.

It also supports talent diagnostics with its objective results. The “RealSpeed“ – as we call the holistic speed experience and training result – is a great investment that can take athletes and teams to the next level.

I don’t know any other system, that trains overall speed like the speedcourt.

Uwe Gensheimer, Captain German Handball National Team

Our Clients

For competitive sports:

For medical, rehabilitation and fitness:

Holistic Training for
Continuous Success

Real Speed starts with the mind. That’s why reaction time is the crucial foundation for success. The SpeedCourt® offers a holistic training concept which equally trains cognitive as well as motor speed aspects.

Features of the SpeedCourt® methodology:

  • complex visual stimuli
  • cognitive and physical coordination requirements
  • sports science testing standards
  • sport-specific step- and combined-tests
  • new training stimuli + stress loads
  • can be combined with game and exercise equipment
  • movitvation through rankings + highscore

Features of the  SpeedCourt® structure:

  • programs that are easy to change by the user
  • defined and randomly based processes
  • instant feedback of results
  • exact to the 1000th of a second
  • automatic identification of athletes with RIFD
  • SpeedCheck and long-term evaluation
  • individually and in group

application examples


  1. SpeedCourt®

  2. Laptop

  3. Display

  4. RFID

The SpeedCourt® system is extremely flexible. Individual fixed installation solutions with artificial turf, sport flooring, parquet or even ice can always be realized.

SpeedCourt® 400


4 m x 4 m

  • 12 sensor fields | 30 x 35 cm
  • 46“ display
  • 15“ notebook
  • Software BASIC
  • RFID Reader + 50 wristbands

SpeedCourt® 550


5,5 m x 5,5 m

  • 12 sensor fields | 50 x 50 cm
  • 55“ display
  • 15“ notebook
  • tablet
  • Software PRO
  • RFID Reader + 100 wristbands

SpeedCourt® 700


7 m x 7 m

  • 12/16 sensor fields | 50 x 50 cm
  • 60“ display
  • 17“ notebook
  • 2 tablets
  • Software PREMIUM
  • RFID Reader + 200 wristbands

We Know

GlobalSpeed knows and understands both sport science and sport technology expertise as a system provider. From the design of the sport sensors, via the integrated methodology, to data analysis, we design and implement a complete system – the SpeedLab®

The SpeedTrack® is an additional product offering from The SpeedLab range. Like the SpeedCourt it is equally innovative with similar technical characteristics.

The multifunctional laser sensor system, is used for diagnostic measurements and can be set-up to train different types of speed.

There are various software options and testing variables available which are parameter driven and user friendly. These can be changed by the coach to design, customise and validate different training sessions.

These options give the user the ability to create new training sessions and tests for explosiveness, interval sprints, shuttle runs, reactive, agility and coordination drills -which can be used in rehabilitation to simulate Return to Play as well as performance training.


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